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Interior Disinfection in Yachts and Boats

At Bluestar Marine we are constantly researching and testing new technologies to determine the type of equipment and product best suited for the needs of our industry. As a result, our clients can now benefit from the advantages of using Electrostatic Surface Disinfection (ESD) which safely kills and inhibits the growth of up to 99.99% of harmful bacteria, mold, mildew, viral agents and other contaminants as well as to eliminate nasty boat odors such as bilge, tank and diesel.

ESD allows our technicians to completely sanitize a large area of the vessel’s interior in just minutes and can be used to rapidly and effectively treat contamination issues after a refit/shipyard period or in preparation for a survey or boat show. 

This technology shows unsurpassed efficacy because our disinfectant solution is forced through an electrostatic nozzle with air pressure causing tiny spray droplets (from 30 to 60 microns in diameter) to form. An electrode in the tip of the nozzle applies an electrical charge to each atomized droplet as it leaves the sprayer. Each tiny droplet now has a negative charge and is drawn to the positive charge of all surfaces at 75 times the force of gravity, which causes the disinfectant solution to efficiently coat around even the most hard to reach places in any type of marine vessel including air ducts, fan coil units, air plenums as well as other HVAC system components. Our hospital-grade, EPA registered disinfectant solution is totally green/non-toxic and can be used in all types of interior surfaces including electronics and sensitive materials.

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Germs Eradication for Yachts

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