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The Bluestar Marine team completed an AC duct cleaning project, including insulation onboard M/Y Elysian. The job was real well done with a professional approach and a hard working team. All expectations was reached and their services will be used again in the future.
Shaun Brown

Engineer, 196′
M/Y ‘Elysian’

Bluestar Marine carried out works on our Galley and Laundry duct system. We were impressed with the outcome. The team at Bluestar carried out a prompt, tidy, efficient service and produced a great result with the systems in completely clean condition and reinstalled within the specified days labour. They even produced a great solution to our grease trap drain issues. I recommend Bluestar for all the yachts ducting / ventilation systems cleaning jobs.
Ross Clarke

Engineer, 155′
M/Y ‘Loon’

Thanks for the excellent work. You will be our specialists from now on. Please thank all of your crew from all of us. All the best!
Stewart Fontaine

Captain, 223′
M/Y ‘Sycara V’

We are very happy with your service, your guys were some of the most professional contractors we have received on board!
Bjorn Gudmundsson

Chief Engineer, 198′

Thank you Bluestar Marine for another wonderful job! By far the best and ONLY company I call for ducting and air cleaning. The service has been consistently such great quality for the past 5 years we have hired you! Moving onto an older boat you were the first company I phoned to make sure the A/C handlers + ducting, laundry ducting, and galley exhaust ducting were spotless and like new again. There is nothing like pure, clean air to provide an odor free, clean environment for guests and crew! Truly the best in the industry! Thanks again – until next time!
Samantha Tester

Chief Stewardess, 176′
M/Y ‘Never Enough’

I just want to thank you guys for an outstanding job. Very professional, hard working and organized, even bringing power converters (that’s a first!). Again, thank you for your time and great service.
Rass Tolstrup

Chief Engineer, 282′
M/Y ‘Seven Seas’

As a engineer, I searched long and hard for a duct cleaning company where I felt comfortable that the work would be completed efficiently, and that I could be confident that no damage would be done while the job was ongoing. After doing plenty of research, and speaking with a few other engineers, I found Bluestar Marine solutions about two weeks ago. I decided to move forward after the recommendations of other engineers, and I must say I feel like just saying that your team did a good job does not go far enough in describing the quality of their work. I want to say I was blown away. They not only had the proper equipment, but they went out of the way to ensure none of our wood finishes were damaged.
Steve Bertrand

Chief Engineer, 164′
M/Y ‘Casino Royale’

I would like to personally thank You and your team for helping out M/Y BW over the past few months. You and your team have been a joy to work with. Everyone on your team came to the vessel with smiles on and were happy to jump in and get the job done. They were all very professional and kept their areas very clean and tidy. I really appreciate all the time spent on making sure the job was done right the first time and showing us the before and after pictures with all the vents and air handlers onboard. WOW…. What a difference you made!!! Thank you for working with our schedule and inside our timeline.
Alex Eaton

Chief Engineer, 130′
M/Y ‘Dona Lola’

I felt it was a very fair price for there service and workers did a good job being careful not to damage any interior as well as thorough in their job.
Damon Smallwood

Captain, 155′
M/Y ‘Rochade’

Bluestar Marine are a great company. They are very professional and do a fantastic job. I would highly recommend their services.
Leigh Love

Chief Officer, 190′
M/Y ‘Skyfall’

Highly recommended. Very professional and clean. Did a wonderful job protecting the rooms they were working in and also very detailed. I had 29 units plus ducting that they cleaned and did a marvelous job. They are now doing Maintenance of the units, not just cleaning, so it was very convenient as they went along they were able to replace air handlers that needed to be replaced. I am very pleased with their service and will recommend as well as use Bluestar Marine in the future.
Cole Lathrop

Chief Engineer, 145′

Bluestar has been great to have on board. They’ve always done a thorough job with mold remediation and with our galley hoods, as well as all the protection they put up beforehand. Bluestar is also consistent with their follow up, answering questions as they arise and will let me know when I’m over due for service. Highly recommend!
Cathryn Wilson

Chief Stewardess, 161′
M/Y ‘Carte Blanche’

bluestar marine logo
Had Bluestar clean and replace the air ducts. They did a fantastic job. Very professional, organized, and punctual. I would definitely use their service again.
Chase Hunter

Captain, 80′
M/Y ‘Vickie B’

bluestar marine logo
These guys are top-notch. I was impressed with their service. The AC handlers, blowers, and ductwork was cleaned to like new. They replaced a lot of ductwork we weren’t even sure could be accessed. The blower motors were taken apart to be cleaned. The guys were on time and worked late every day to get the job done in the projected time frame. They surely made the air in our yacht better to breathe. Thanks for your hard work guys. It is hard to find vendors that do a proper job without having a lot of oversight. You guys nailed it!
Andrew Pepsny

Captain, 92′
M/Y ‘Silver Mama’

bluestar marine logo
Thorough, clean, conscientious, knowledgeable, trustworthy and fantastically hard working. Once the job was started, these guys worked 7 days a week, 12+ hours per day until they were done. Very impressed and highly recommend. Don’t bother looking elsewhere, this is all these guys do and it shows. Thanks Bluestar!
Carol Beliveau

Captain, 90′
M/Y ‘Aura’

bluestar marine logo
Fernando and his team came on-board for a review of the damage that a water leak had caused. After removing all the damaged wood and insulation, the team moved on-board with air filters, dehumidifiers, UV lamps, and hard work. All the equipment was clean and well maintained, and they explained us what each machine did. Bluestar Marine’s workers cleaned better than most stewardesses and after a long Saturday, the VIP cabin and bathrooms were perfectly mold and dust free. For the first time in weeks we can now work in there without masks. They are coming back to do the yachts AC ducts and galley extractor.A great job done by a very professional team. Thank you guys.
Andrew Naylor

Captain, 100′
M/Y ‘Drinkability’

bluestar marine logo
My vessel was in need of your services for quite some time and fortunately both of our schedules opened up to allow the work to be accomplished.I want to recognize your entire team and the process performed. Your team presented themselves professionally in both attire and during the entire servicing process.The attention to protecting and isolating areas being worked on was something I hoped for and more. When I hire experts to perform a task there should be no need to look over shoulders.Unfortunately this does not always happen, however, with your team it was noticed upon their initial arrival on site that this was going to be a process which did not require my supervision.Whenever an issue outside of the original scope of work came up, I was notified. Communication was always open and clear.Throughout my entire career of 4 plus decades I can count on one hand where the project went 100%.In closing, I feel confident enough with Bluestar, that when we revisit the HVAC system in the future as part of scheduled maintenance, I don’t even need to be on site.Keep up the great work and services!
Charlie Kiss

Captain, 112′
M/Y ‘Freedom’

bluestar marine logo
Bluestar Marine was one of the best marine companies I have ever come across.The attention to detail and workmanship of the employees was very impressive.They tented and covered every inch of the boat to protect it from potential damage or contamination. The owners are hands on and the employees worked very hard staying late every day to get the job done in a timely manner. My 1999 60ft Hatteras sportfish was very well maintained but had acquired a smell from the AC units which was virtually inaccessible and Bluestar was able to clean the ducting, coils, and blowers effectively with their specialized system and tools.They are now installing air purifiers on each air handler to help with future mold issues.I would recommend them to anyone looking to improve air quality on their yacht.
Jim O’Brien

Owner, 60′
SF ‘Outcast’

bluestar marine logo
All the personal of Bluestar Marine are fantastic. On time, great attitude, professional, polite and on budget. What else do you want? They are the solution for your AC problems.
Gabriel Poirier

Captain, 87′
M/Y ‘Magic Moments’

bluestar marine logo
Bluestar Marine should be the standard business model for the marine industry or any other service business. As always, they do what they say. Bluestar crew work diligently to provide the optimum service and technology available. Please continue your outstanding service and support.
Keith Talasek

Captain, 112′
M/Y ‘Friendly Confines’

bluestar marine logo
Bluestar Marine has set the bar for independent contractors in the marine industry. They exceeded my expectations with their crews work ethic, dependability, organization, and detail to the project. Very impressed! Thank you for a job well done!
Tony Goodwin

Captain, 116′
M/Y ‘Kipany’

bluestar marine logo
Bluestar did a fantastic job in ridding our yacht of a serious mold issue that was discovered right after I was hired as Captain. They are prompt, very hard working, tent and seal each area worked on and were very thorough. In addition to doing a great job on the interior, they are familiar with yachts and respect your boat by taking the proper precautions with their equipment and supplies to ensure the boat is properly protected from scratches, stains and other accidents. I would definitely recommend their services to my fellow Captains and yacht owners for any future needs.
Brett Eagan

Captain, 85′
M/Y ‘Livy Lou’

bluestar marine logo
Bluestar Marine was tasked with cleaning the A/C ducting and associated equipment of a 17 year old motor-yacht due to mould and dust build-up. As the cleaning progressed, it became obvious the state of the ducting was far worse than initially thought. A 12 day project turned into almost 3 weeks. The results were spectacular and well worth the expense. A clean and certified yacht with the typical “musty yacht smell” eliminated. The Bluestar team was Fantastic. Everyday, work commenced on time and finished at 7pm in the evening with no complaints.I highly recommend Bluestar Marine for duct cleaning and mould removal.
Graeme Stoner

Captain, 131′
M/Y ‘Rasa’

bluestar marine logo
Bluestar Marine performed a very thorough and professional service on board our 155′ vessel. The entire team were efficient, honest and professional. We will be using them again in the future for our ventilation cleaning requirements and will recommend them to others in our industry.
Phil Wood

Captain, 155′
M/Y ‘Loretta Anne’

bluestar marine logo
Bluestar Marine cleaned our entire 40 meter yacht of mold and went above and beyond what I expected. Their crews and team leaders were very professional, clean, tidy, careful and thorough with great attention to detail. Bluestar repaired and replaced ducting that they found to be inadequate and also carried out many minor repairs as they moved through the yacht. Definitely left the yacht much better than when they first came on board. I highly recommend Bluestar and would fly them to yards outside Florida without a second thought as well.
Lloyd Bernard

Captain, 131′
M/Y ‘Chiqui’

bluestar marine logo
Thank you to everyone at Bluestar Marine for an outstanding service. Bluestar Marine completed a thorough mold inspection followed by remediation onboard a 123’ motor yacht. Bluestar inspected and cleaned each air handler to an impeccable standard that created a clean, safe environment for all. Upon completion of the project, the air and atmosphere onboard was fresh, clear, and uncontaminated by mold and debris. Gus and Fernando provided appropriate follow up as needed. Every member of the Bluestar team was efficient, pleasant, and above all, professional. I have continued to use Bluestar Marine services for additional projects. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for quality services.
Richard Freeberg

Captain, 123′
M/Y ‘Blackhawk’

bluestar marine logo
I wanted to take a moment and let you know how satisfied we have been with the service Bluestar Marine provides. As you know, I have contracted Bluestar Marine on a 150’ and a 200’ yacht for mold remediation.On both occasions, at the owner’s request, we had an outside laboratory come and test the boats once Bluestar was complete. The additional inspections showed zero mold once you were done. You and your crew were professional, friendly, very polite and a pleasure to work with. A sincere thanks to all of you Gus! I would recommend Bluestar Marine to anyone who asked.
Tom Hartman

Captain, 205′
M/Y ‘Party Girl’

bluestar marine logo
Thanks to you and your guys for doing an amazing job on board our boat P2 we are very happy with your service. I will recommend Bluestar Marine to other engineers in the industry.
Paul Miller

Chief Engineer, 125′
S/Y ‘P2’

bluestar marine logo
Bluestar Marine were contracted to clean and sanitize the air handlers and ducting onboard. From the time they started they worked long hours to maintain the agreed schedule. They were always polite and took great care to protect the interior surfaces. When sections of flexible ducting were found to be damaged or incorrectly installed we were informed and repaired to a good standard and charged at a reasonable extra cost. Advice was always give on simple ways to improve and maintain the air quality onboard. The improvement in air quality was immediately noticeable. We would not hesitate to use this company again in the future.
Mike Sara

Chief Engineer, 194′
M/Y (Confidential Vessel)

bluestar marine logo
Thank you and we all appreciate the hard dirty work your team did for the boat. Your team did a stand-up job and they are to be complimented!
Brad Momsem

Captain, 164′
M/Y ‘She’s a 10’

bluestar marine logo
We booked them in last minute, and despite having a full schedule already, they worked tirelessly to complete the job. They were on always on time and willing to work any hours to accommodate the boat. They would even bring to my attention possible improvements, and then source the materials and make the modifications themselves. they earned my trust rightaway, and so, I didn’t feel the need to look over their shoulders. Big stress relief! They worked carefully, and always protected the interior from damage. 1st rate company. I recommend them to anyone needing this type of service.
Ben Vos

Engineer, 164′
M/Y ‘Mia Elise’

bluestar marine logo
Bluestar Marine’s crew were professional, courteous, tidy and quick. I would happily have them back aboard the boat.
Jay Mooneyham

Captain, 87′
M/Y ‘Shepsl X’

bluestar marine logo
It is with great pleasure that I am writing to thank you for the great service and excellent job you and your crew did in assisting us with our mold problem recently. I have been a captain on megayachts for over 20 years and have never been in a situation where I’ve taken over a vessel that was permeated with mold as this was. Leaking and saturated A/C chilled water lines was the primary culprit, but some other leaking in the overhead was also the primary factor in initially providing the perfect environment for mold infestation. Most of the headliners were affected, much of the backing for the headliners was disgusting and completely covered with mold and required removal as well. Your team arrived and began treating the air immediately and then removed all the affected portable headliners, cleaned and sealed the affected areas. All the air-handlers were removed from the boat and sanitized. When they came back on they looked brand new. At your suggestion we also installed UV purifiers to keep the interior from having this problem again.Your crew was very professional and keep the areas clean during the nasty process of removing the problem. They cleaned up daily after themselves and were very respectful of the vessel. I hope never to have this situation occur on my vessel again, but I’m grateful to know who to contact in future if this does occur. Thanks for doing a great job!

Captain, 130′
M/Y (Confidential Vessel)

bluestar marine logo
This summer we experienced an internal mold outburst in all of our air handlers and associated ducting. We took a chance with Blue Star and and are very happy we did. Their service was extremely thorough, the employees are some of the most professional and polite I have encountered in 15 years of professional yachting. There was an immediate difference noticed in the air quality. I would highly recommend their services to anyone. Job well done!!! Thank you all at Bluestar Marine.
Bill Sturgeon

Captain, 113′
M/Y ‘Life of Reilley’

bluestar marine logo
What an immediate difference! The air quality was obvious once these guys had completed their task. They were thorough and did an impeccable and meticulous job. The interior of the boat was a pleasure to be in compared to before they serviced the air handlers. I definitely recommend this service.
Steve de Klerk

Captain, 93′
M/Y ‘T-Zero’

bluestar marine logo
Bluestar Marine were contracted to clean our AC ducts and air-handlers. They were very professional in their approach and took great care to protect the working areas. We were under a tight schedule and without complaints the staff of Bluestar Marine worked into the evenings in order to stay on target. I have no reservations of using the Bluestar team again.
Oskar Schonback

Captain, 149′
M/Y ‘Amorazur II’

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