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Marine Air Quality & Ventilation System Specialists
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Bluestar Marine exclusively specializes in indoor air quality and ventilation system cleaning services for the yachting and maritime industries. We offer a complete range of air quality control services, which allow us to suit any type of project on board any motor yacht, mega yacht, charter boat, sport fishing boat, passenger ship, and other types of marine vessels.

We are proud to have been able to establish ourselves as the leading provider of air quality services to the luxury yachting industry. Our services include HVAC cleaning and sanitization, mold cleanup and remediation, air duct cleaning, galley extraction cleaning, removal of odors, air quality testing, interior surfaces disinfection, among others.

Backed by 10+ years in the field and solely focusing in the marine industry, our company has the experience, certifications, and training, as well as the latest technology to successfully address all types of air quality problems that could be discovered in a yacht or boat due to a dirty ventilation system, as well as a high exposure to humidity, moisture, or compromised airflow caused by a complex ventilation system design.

Our two offices in South Florida are strategically located in prime yachting destinations: Fort Lauderdale and Riviera Beach. We proudly serve vessels arriving from all over the world within the tri-county area, covering Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami.

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